Get access to 1 to 1 medical support and other resources to implement your lifestyle changes and reach your health goals.

Our international medical team will assist you in implementing new routines that will prevent the onset of chronic degenerative disease early in life and correct functional deficits in all areas: energy levels, resilience to stress, cognitive brain function, sleep and recovery, libido, body composition, personal fitness and performance.


Premium Genetic Panel

Personalised Micronutrient Supplementation

Performance panel

Comprehensive Lab Scan

Eco-Doppler Carotis

Full Body MRI Scan

Coronary Artery Calcium Scan

Microbiome Analysis

Personalised Nutrition Planer and Cook Book

Regenerative intravenous therapy protocols

The program includes monthly consultations for one year and accountability doc to help you implement lifestyle changes.

This platinum membership is for you if you want to:

  • Receive a 1-to-1 monthly health coaching in implementing the personalised health plan based on your genetic blueprint
  • Have access to the latest scientific advances in genetic testing and preventive medicine
  • Have a honest picture of your current health status and future health risks
  • Gain access to the new standard in preventive healthcare, including: extensive epigenetic, genetic and laboratory analysis, microbiome assessment, full-body MRI, Coronary Artery Calcium Scan
  • Receive specific insights after the analysis of stress, sleep and recovery
  • Activate protective genes and deactivate genes that pose a significant health risk, though the latest epigenetic management too
  • Receive a personalized health report that clearly outlines risk factors and suggests strategies that help to prevent disease and optimize health.
  • Adopt a more proactive approach for long-term disease prevention and longevity

… while having specialised support all the way!

Join the Platinum Membership and you receive complimentary:

1-to-1 monthly online consultations/health coaching

IV therapies, hormone replacement therapy and our microbiome restauration therapy

Final evaluation tests and analisys

Dr. Alexander Zeuke is a board-certified general surgeon with post-graduation in a Master of Science Program in preventive medicine, having more than 20 years’ experience.

He is co-founder of MedKore + Elysium Preventive Medicine, being responsible of developing preventive health.

Your board-certified physician specialized in preventative health care will accompany you during the first six months and will support you in integrating in your daily routine the tailored and scientifically proven health program.

All the  recommended follow up protocols to treat physiological deficits, like intravenous micronutrient therapy, hormone replacement therapy and therapies for restoring gut microbiome are included in your Platinum Membership plan, as well as the Follow up tests will evaluate the success of the interventions and lifestyle changes, at the end of the yearlong program.(*Terms and conditions apply)


Truly perosonalised program

If you need further support, our specialised doctors can relocate to your country of origin for detailed one-to-one consultations.(**extra fee including flight and hotel costs apply)

Still not sure?

One of our team members can respond to all of your questions regarding the Platinum Membership