A deeply regenerative and antiaging treatment

Naturally boost your immune system, reduce inflamation, support wound healing, detoxify the body and accelerate the cell regeneration proces with our ground-breaking High Volume – Low Dose Ozone Therapy.

Ozone therapy is a minimum invasive treatment that uses an oxygen-ozone mixture, with long-term effects and remarkable healing actions, in a wide variety of health conditions. The method has been used successfully for over 50 years in the preventive and regeneration medicine. At Medkore + Elysium we offer you the advanced High Volume – Low Dose Ozone therapy, maximizing the effect while minimising the number of treatments needed.

Book a High Volume – Low Dose Ozone Therapy if you want to:

  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing
  • Support your body’s natural detoxification process
  • Activate your stem cells to support cell repair and disease healing
  • Improve your cells capacity to heal and regenerate
  • Support recovery in cardiovascular, chronic diseases, bacterial infections and viral infection
  • Increase new collagen and elastin formation
  • Improve blood circulation and slow down the natural skin aging process
  • Restore mitochondrial functions – your body’s energy maker

Depending on the individual health indications, the therapy areas and the desired effects, the ozone therapy can be administered intravenously, intra-muscularly, intra-articularly or through mucosal absorbtion (rectal insufflation or vaginal insufflation). The procedures involve drawing blood from the body, ozonating it on the spot and reinjecting it in the body, using an advanced, safe and precise German technology.

Delivers up 50 times more Ozone to the body than regular intravenous Ozone treatments

Using the most advanced High Volume – Low Dose Ozone technology on the market, at Medkore+Elysium we can:

  • Maximize the therapy effects, with one treatment session now accounting for up 10 regular ozone therapy.
  • Use higher concentrations of ozone on larger volumes of blood
  • Draw up and ozonize up to 1500-2000 ml of blood for the Major Autohemotherapy, while in regular therapies only up to 200 ml of blood were ozonized during one treatment
  • Reduce the number of necessary treatments and the costs
  • Increase the effectiveness on all of the healing effects that Ozone therapy offers (such as immune modulation, improvement of cardiovascular system, reduction of pathogen and toxins, anti-inflammatory effect and skin regeneration).
  • Multiply the number of ozonization in one session: after the first standard 150-200 ml blood pass (300 RON/ pass), we can further safely add up to a maximum of 10 passes per session (133 RON/ each suplimentary pass)
  • Offer a high potency treatments in sessions of up to 60-90 minutes. We recommend packages of 6-8 treatments, repeated every 7-10 days.
  • Realize a customised therapy, tailored to your specific body needs

The Medkore+Elysium Ozone Treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. A customized treatment plan will be created by our medical staff, optimising the results of this highly precise therapy.

I want to book a session

 1 session with 1500-2000 ml

€ 616

Unique session of 200 ml

€ 61