A deeply regenerative and antiaging treatment

High-Dose Ozone Therapy for you

The Medkore+Elysium High-Dose Ozone Treatments are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. A customized treatment plan will be creating by our medical stuff, optimising the results of the therapy.

Depending on your health issues and the desired outcome, your doctor may recommend less than 10 passes per session.

What should you expect?

When receiving the Medkore+Elysium High-Dose Ozone Treatments you will be able to relax comfortably on the treatment bed at our Elysium clinic in Bucharest. Following an extensive health questionnaire, the medical team will take your blood pressure and vitals to make sure you are in good condition to for the therapy. The treatment is minimum invasive, you will only feel the discomfort of the catheter insertion in the vein.

What are the treatments steps?

1. A small IV catheter will be inserted into a healthy vein (ex: a vein on the arm, inside of the elbow), in a procedure exactly like the ones done for any IV procedure. The procedure is painless, but you may experience a slight pain at the insertion spot of the with any needle.

2. Through the catheter, the advanced ozone therapy techonology will slowly draw about 200-220 ml of blood into a transparent hyperbaric container connected to it. The blood is mixed with a strictly controlled dose of medical ozone. As the ozone saturates the blood, the blood usually turns brighter in colour, become more oxygenated. As the blood is being infused in a hyperbaric environment in the machine, there is greater reactivity between the blood and medical ozone.

3. After the blood and plasma have been ozonized, it is then re- administered through the same IV back into your body. The ozone saturated blood will circulate through your body, delivering the therapeutic effects of the ozone to your cells, tissues and organs.

4. After you have received the recommended amount of ozone passes in the session, the IV catheter will be removed from your arm and a small bandage will be applied to the injection site.

What is a treatment pass?

The process described is considered a “one pass” treatment the  blood has been drawn, treated, and reinjected one time. Through our advanced technology, this process can be safely repeated multiple times. The majority of our patients receive in between 6-10 passes per session, for optimal results.After every consecutive pass in on session, you may notice the blood passing through the IV system becoming brighter red during the treatment.

How many passes will I need?

The number of passes recommended varies. Our doctor will recommend the optiomal number of passes per treatment and number of treatments needed to reach the desidered result. Most commonly, our patients can comfortably take up to 6-10 passes/ session.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

Many patients report visible, significant results already after their first High Dose ozone treatment performed at Medkore+Elysium. The results vary from one patient to another, depending of various health factors. The recommendation Dr. Lahodny, the developer of the method, from his clinical experience, recommends 10 treatments over the course of 10 weeks, to have visible positive patient outcomes for a number of complex illnesses.

How long does a session take?

A treatment session can take up to 60-90 minutes, depending of the succesive number of treatment passes.