Medkore + Elysium Basic Cocktail

Enhances energy – Improves brain clarity – Alleviates hangovers – Enhances athletic performance – Boosts immunity


Our Medkore + Elysium Basic Cocktail is indicated when you want to enhance your energy levels, improve brain clarity and cognitive function, improve your athletic performance and mood and rapidly alleviate a hangover or the effects of a sleepless night.

This safe and highly efficient intravenous vitamin and mineral formula is a unique combination micronutrients and vitamins.

The signature cocktail is an immunity booster that has proven effective in improving various health conditions, such as: chronic pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, flu, chronic fatigue, autoimmunity and depressive mood disorders.

The protocol includes a B12 Intra-Muscular shot and is recommended with Glutathione Push injection for enhanced free radical clearance.

€ 92

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