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IV Micronutrient Therapies
How does the micronutrient therapy work?

Intravenous micronutrient administration (IV) is a therapy that delivers liquids with micronutrients, trace elements and vitamins straight into the vein. The intravenous administration of essential micronutrients bypasses the digestive system and enters directly the bloodstream, ensuring full absorption at the cellular level. It is the fastest way to achieve the intended health benefits.

Is this kind of therapy – with vitamins, nutrients, etc. – something new?

Intravenous micronutrient therapy has been a part of medicine for almost a century and was in-troduced by Doctor Thomas Latta in 1883 during the cholera epidemy in England. Doctor Latta pio-neered the use of intravenous saline infusion in the treatment of cholera. Since 1950 intravenous therapy is widely available in hospitals all over the world.

Traditionally, intravenous micronutrient therapy is given only in hospital settings but more and more medical practitioners are incorporating IV treatments outside of hospitals in ambulatory setups because the procedure has been proven to be safe and beneficial for many patients with a variety of chronic health issues.

In the United States, where antiaging medicine is very popular IV micronutrient therapy is widely available in medical offices, drip spas and antiageing clinics. There are even buses where certified emergency physicians help people to overcome hangover symptoms and other health issues.

In Europe, the concept of intravenous micronutrient administration as therapy or preventative health measure outside a hospital unit is quite new but becomes more and more popular in the last years. There are certified doctors in Romania and other European countries who offer these kinds of treatments for patients who want instant health benefits.

What are the therapies advantages? How about its disadvantages, if any?

Intravenous (IV) micronutrient therapy is save and has almost no side effects. The great advantage of IV therapy is the instant therapeutic effect because all essential micronutrients are delivered straight into the circulation and bypass the gastrointestinal tract. Oral micronutrient supplementation often lacks the desired effect because of absorption problems or inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract which is very common in modern societies. In times of modern industrialised agriculture, the food from supermarkets is often scarce in essential micronutrients and intravenous administration helps to replenish the body for better energy levels and improved immune system.

Is this therapy recommended for Covid treatment or prevention?

Intravenous micronutrient therapy does not replace social distance measures or vaccination. However, during flu season, the body needs increased levels of micronutrients to support the immune system. Scientific research shows that especially Glutathione, zinc, vitamins C and D are vital for immunomodulatory functions. The COVID-19 pandemic showed that micronutrients can optimise the immune system and prevent a severe progression of the viral infection. (To reduce viral exposure, please get the latest information and advice about COVID from the national health system.)

Medkore Elysium Micronutrient Cocktails are generally custom made and personalized to the patient’s symptoms and health complains. Our micronutrient drips provide relief for patients with conditions such as cognitive decline, migraine, fatigue, hangover symptoms, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, arthritis, mood swings, upper respiratory tract infections, seasonal allergic rhinitis, acute muscle spasm, and many more.

Some mixtures are customized to improve athletic performance or enhance recovery after intense physical exercise. Other IV micronutrient cocktails are personalised for people in demanding jobs and improve brain function or alleviate symptoms of chronic stress and burnout.

What analysis/tests are necessary before the administration of these IV therapies if any?

A basic intravenous micronutrient-infusion is beneficial for most people and is as benign as it gets. No specific analysis is necessary. Before each treatment, one of our specialized physicians does a physical check-up and clinical questionnaire to make sure the patient has no allergies or comorbidities.

Some of the more specific regenerative treatment protocols like in the case of chronic fatigue, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic stress and burnout or cognitive decline require analysis of blood micronutrients, trace elements or inflammatory markers to better personalize each infusion.

How do we know what we need?

Our intravenous micronutrient cocktails are indicated for anyone who wants to enhance energy levels, improve brain clarity, alleviate hangovers, recover from stress and burnout or enhance athletic performance and mood. We also customize each mixture to your specific needs. Some ingredients improve the bodies detoxification ability or improve the immune system during flu season and others enhance recovery after intense physical activity or chronic stress.

What symptoms may indicate certain deficiencies that we can address with the IV therapies?

Typical symptoms for micronutrient deficiency are:

  • increased irritability, mental and physical exhaustion is indicating that your body cant deal with psychosocial stress effectively and an increased amount of micronutrients and antioxidants are necessary
  • chronic fatigue is a sign of energy insufficiency on a cellular level and intravenous micronutrient therapy often improves cellular energy levels
  • brain fog, a lack of focus and concentration indicates an energy crisis and increased inflammation in the brain (neuroinflammation). Specific micronutrient cocktails can counteract neuroinflammation and improve brain function
  • increased susceptibility to infectious diseases like the flue or frequent episodes of migraines and skin problems are linked to micronutrient deficiency
  • unspecific symptoms for a micronutrient deficiency are pale skin, dry and fragile hair, hair loss, gingivitis, food cravings, mood swings, fertility issues, loss of bone density, numbness and tingling in hands, legs or feet, diarrhoea, mouth ulcers or white spots on nails
  • specific blood analysis are indicated in some cases and outline the exact amount of micronutrients needed
Are there any contraindications? Who can not benefit from Medkore + Elysium IV therapy?

Generally, intravenous micronutrient therapy is very safe and efficient. At Medkore Elysium Clinics doctors use only approved and purified micronutrient mixes which reduces the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. Contraindications are rare and include comorbidities such as severe heart disease, kidney disease, some rare genetic variations and known allergies to micronutrients or vitamins.

What are the key ingredients of each therapy (examples of vitamins, minerals, etc., of each IV drip, in connection with the health benefits)?

The Medkore Elysium micronutrient cocktails are personalized to the specific needs of each patient. The mixtures contain vitamins, antioxidants and a specific mineral formula.

One example of a potent antioxidant mix is our intravenous glutathione drip. Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants and helps the body to recover from daily oxidative stress. It is a master detoxifier that supports the immune system, enhances brain function, helps to alleviate stress-related issues and fights inflammation.

Other cocktails contain a high dose of vitamin C, coenzyme Q10, B vitamins and essential trace elements which improve chronic fatigue, immunity, hangover symptoms and enhance mental performance.

Some of the intravenous cocktails deliver specific micronutrients such as biotin, niacin, vitamin C, B complex, zinc and magnesium to enhance the texture of the skin and frailty of nails or improve hair loss.

You can find out more information on each IV procedure page.

How and where are IV therapies administrated? How long does it take?

The intravenous micronutrient cocktails are administered in the Medkore Elysium Clinic in Bucharest. After an initial interview and check-up with one of our doctors, the drip infusion is administered in our wellness launch under the supervision of qualified medical professionals.The average micronutrient drip takes around 30 minutes and a push i.v. 5 to 10 minutes.

Is there any preparation needed before the procedure/ Do we have to do anything? Are there any post-procedure indications/ contra-indications for best results?

There is no preparation necessary before the treatment. After each treatment, vital signs and symptoms of allergies are checked.

How do we measure the results of IV therapy? Are there any post-procedure tests

We measure the effectiveness of the treatment on the personal well being of each patient. Improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, the absence of symptoms like skin rash, allergies, improved skin and hair quality are clinical signs that the intravenous micronutrient therapy was successful. However, for some chronic health issues, weekly therapy sessions are necessary. In some cases, it is necessary to analyse the effectiveness of the intravenous treatments with blood analysis and adjust the dosage.

Does the treatment need to be repeated periodically? How often?

Some intravenous micronutrient drips, including IV therapies for jetlag, hangover, detoxification and energy booster have immediate benefits and a single infusion is generally enough to provide the desired effects.

Other infusions should be done several times to gain the expected benefits. Chronic health conditions, such as autoimmunity, cognitive decline, chronic pain, chronic stress, burnout or inflammatory conditions require 3 to 5 treatment sessions and each patient is assessed weekly to document the results. Medkore Elysium doctors have a personalised approach to medicine and regenerative treatments for chronic health conditions are customised

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